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The Palm Pre: My New “Everything” Device?

UPDATED: 6/6 Warning: This post is only for complete gadget freaks, of which I am admittedly one. Around 5 years ago, I was on a train from New York to Washington DC to attend a historic meeting. A bunch of independent … Continue reading

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After 3 Months on Twitter, still wondering…

About 5 or so months ago, David Pogue wrote in the New York Times that he had tried out Twitter and wasn’t sure what it was good for. He wrote “Like the world needs ANOTHER ego-massaging, social-networking time drain? Between e-mail … Continue reading

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Slinging Obama

14 days to go until the election, and from what I can see, everything is trending in the right direction. There’s a part of me that is beginning to allow myself to dream about the possibilities. If Obama does indeed … Continue reading

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