Interstate 60

Interstate 60Original Screenplay by Bob Gale

Director: Bob Gale

Cast: James Marsden and Gary Oldman

With: Kurt Russell, Michael J. Fox, Chris Cooper, Amy Smart, Ann-Margret and Christopher Lloyd

Producers: Ira Deutchman, Peter Newman, Neil Canton, Peter Bray

Executive Producers: Greg Johnson, Peter Hoffman, Eric Sandys, Jay Firestone




A road movie for the millennium, “Interstate 60” is the story of a young man, whose confusion about the future course of his life leads him on a wild journey on a road that doesn’t exist on any map.


Best-known as co-writer/co-producer of USED CARS, I WANNA HOLD YOUR HAND and the BACK TO THE FUTURE series, INTERSTATE 60 marks Bob Gale’s feature film directorial debut.

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