Keynote from the Sundance Art House Convergence

Below is the video of the keynote speech I gave this past January at the Art House Convergence, an annual event that brings together many of the independent art houses from all over the U.S. and with some representation from the rest of the world. I used the opportunity to give a kind of personal history lesson about the distribution and marketing of indie films, and to draw some lessons for the world we currently live in. A big thank you to Russ Collins of the Michigan Theater for giving me the opportunity to speak, and to Doug Tirola and his team at 4th Row Films for recording it.

These video originally appeared on Thompson on Hollywood, part of the Indiewire network.

PART 1: Don Rugoff and Unplanned Beginnings

PART 2: Movies and Momentum

PART 3: Consumer Decisions and Lessons for the Future

The videos were produced by 4th Row Films with David Allen on camera and were edited by Jason Chen.

3 thoughts on “Keynote from the Sundance Art House Convergence”

  1. I loved Ira’s personal/Indie film history, his good humor and the brilliant lessons he shared about film distribution and exhibition. Ira charged us to do the RIGHT thing as we share great films with our communities and NEVER take the easy road. I wish he had also implored us to be the best institution in our community at raising contributed revenue (phi

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