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Conversation with Charlie

Check out this conversation about my career and the influences that led to my making “Searching for Mr. Rugoff.” It’s also available wherever on whatever is your favorite podcast app.

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Diary of a Cubs Fan – Part Seven

SW Game 4This is part 7 of a series. You can start at the beginning here.

Game 4, Indians at Cubs, Wrigley Field

I texted Jeff Santo to see if he was in town for the games. Jeff is the son of Cubs legend Ron Santo, and I had worked with Jeff a decade ago on a film about his Dad. Jeff replied that he was indeed in town, but that he only had tickets for Game 5. He would be watching Game 4 at a bar in Wrigleyville called the Schoolyard. We conspired to meet there prior to the game so we could see each other.

Meanwhile I started to get antsy, so I started waking toward the ballpark even though it was quite early. I purposely wove my way though side streets that I was unfamiliar with. When I finally reached the Wrigleyville area, it was almost time to head to the bar to meet up with Jeff. Just like every other bar in the area, the Schoolyard had a long line of people waiting to get in. I mentioned to the bouncer at the door that I was with Jeff Santo, and he said Jeff hadn’t arrived yet, but he had a table put aside for him and his party. As I hung out in front, a couple of other guys arrived asking for Jeff. We connected and started talking about all things Chicago while waiting for Jeff to arrive. Then I got a text from Jeff saying that his Uber was tied up in traffic. By the time he finally arrived, I had to run off to meet up with John Iltis, who had the tickets for tonight’s game. A quick hug and off I went. (more…)

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Going Wider

Not a day goes by that I don’t write something in my head. The subjects are as varied as my interests, and anyone who knows me, knows that “independent film” is just the tip of the iceberg. In fact, ever since movies became my career, I am less drawn to them as recreation, and more drawn toward music and technology among other things as my hobbies. So, I’ve decided to move my blogging off the Emerging Pictures site, in order to free myself to talk about any subject I want. I’ll still cross-post when something might relate to Emerging Pictures activities, but here you’ll find me also talking about everything from my latest gadget to my thoughts about how fucked up this country is. Anyway, stay tuned.

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Welcome to my blogs. I’ll be weighing in from time to time with my thoughts on a variety of subjects. Lots to come.


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This is a post that serves as a cludge so that I can put tags on static pages. If they ever fix this functionality, I can delete this post.

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