Interview for the Workbook Project

Below is an interview that I did with Lance Weiler for the Workbook Project about what we are doing at Emerging Pictures, and how I think we could potentially be part of the solution for theatrical distribution of independent films.  If you don’t know about the Workbook Project, and all the transmedia work being done by Lance, you should check it out at

UPDATE: Unfortunately the Workbook Project website is no longer with us.

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Filmmakers: the New Breed

Filmmaker Magazine and the Workbook Project are doing a series of reports from Sundance/Slamdance on the new breed of filmmakers–the ones that are taking distribution of their work into their own hands. Below is one segment that the Filmmaker Blog describes as follows:

Filmmakers Zak Forsman and Kevin K. Shah of Sabi Pictures arrive at Park City with an intent to define the questions most relevant to independent distribution options. Insights from Brian Newman, Dan Mirvish, Jon Reiss and Ira Deutchman open a path toward discovering some real solutions.

Unfortunately the Workbook Project is no more.