An Open Letter to Senator Lieberman

I wanted share with everyone a note that my wife posted on Lieberman’s web site. I urge everyone to bombard him with your own thoughts on the matter..

Dear Sen. Lieberman,

I wish I were a constituent of yours.  Then, perhaps, I could fully demonstrate how outraged I am by your self-serving, grand-standing behavior when it comes to the health care reform bill. Instead of worrying about YOUR grandchildren having to foot the bill (and share their wealth), perhaps–in a true spirit of menshkeit–you should think of all those who are less fortunate and less entitled.  Unless we ALL share the burden, our society can’t move forward as a humane people.  When did you forget that Torah lesson? Your agenda does NOT look like it’s coming from an independent thinker, but from an angry, vengeful politician. And that makes me one angry, disgusted and cynical voter.  Too bad I can’t vote you out.

–Beth Krieger