Italian Government Closes National Film School

The following is from one of my students at Columbia. This is an issue that all film lovers should be aware of. Please voice your words of protest as per the instructions below…

Dear Ira,

The Italian government of Silvio Berlusconi decided to close the Italian National Film School (Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia) with the excuse to cut expenses and save the country from a new Greece-like financial collapse.

Even if the general intent can be considered righteous, cutting one of the main institution of the italian cinema and the most important school for the future filmmakers is definitely the wrong place where to look for restoring the budget of a state, especially in a country like Italy where the cost of politics and bureaucracy is one of the highest in the world.

Now, the Italian National Film School students and faculty are protesting against this injustice.

Please, if you have a moment, read their letter and post a solidarity message in their blog like professors and students from other film schools in the world are doing. They need the largest solidarity possible in order to contrast the italian government in this battle.

This is the Italian National Film School official blog:
To post, write to

Thank you very much,


Following is the letter from the Italian National Film School:

Dear friends,

The current state of events in Italy, is such that there has been a recent financial reform, whereby a total of over 200 organisations have risked complete abolition, by way of substantial cut in funding. Amongst the numerous organisations listed was the “Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia” (to this day, the only public film school in Italy). The alarm has, for the time being, been lifted, given that President Napolitano has, as we have come to understand, scrapped the resolution, effectively clearing us of immediate risk. We consider ourselves “survivors”, in so far as we are still unaware if and for how long our institution will be subsidised. 

This has not been, and probably will not be the only threat to our school. We, the student body, cannot in good conscience accept the current status quo. We are part of a great institution that for the past 75 years has defined the landscape of Italian cinema. 

We strongly believe in the defence of our institution as it represents a big part of our cultural heritage, and because of its international prestige. First and foremost it stands as the only public film school in the country that educates new generations of Italian filmmakers and therefore professionals, who are going to actively contribute to the growth and development of our film industry, as well as the expression of our national identity. 

The ongoing policy of senselessness that has plagued all our cultural organisations, has effectively brought our culture to its knees. 

As of today, we, the student body, backed by the professors and workers of our institution have opened the debate, to elaborate solutions for the current situation. Our assembly has been attended by such professionals as: director Citto Maselli, and screenwriters Michele Pellegrini, Gloria Malatesta and Nicola Lusuardi. The debate is still very much active, and we the student body, and the administration intend to continue, and organize a peaceful protest with a common goal in mind. 

We have currently organised a peaceful occupation of the school building. 

Tomorrow, 1st of June 2010, there is going to be a public press conference in the main hall of the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia. 


The student body (Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia) 

One thought on “Italian Government Closes National Film School”

  1. Mr. Berlusconi

    You are old and sallow man, intellectually bereft.

    It is time for you to visit Gods Acre, your final vacation, Necropolis.

    You are already intellectually fossilized and embalmed.

    You are ready and so are we.

    It’s time.

    Voodoo ta ta.





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