A Cautionary Tale for Filmmakers

A few years ago, I was involved with a lovely little film called “Red Doors.” After a stint on the film festival circuit, we sold the film to a company called Polychrome Pictures, and that was when the trouble began. Let’s just say that the company never lived up to its obligations; never paid the advance, kept trying to renegotiate the deal, and on and on.

Finally Polychrome and its principals went bankrupt, and there is still pending litigation on behalf of a number of filmmakers who were also screwed by these folks.

Today I discovered that one of those filmmakers has posted all the transcripts of the bankruptcy hearings. It makes for fascinating reading (read from the bottom up). Check it out at http://kissesandcaroms.com/blog/?cat=1

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One thought on “A Cautionary Tale for Filmmakers”

  1. This sucks. I’m sorry it happened to Georgia and the girls. They worked hard to make that film a reality.

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