More from the Traverse City Film Festival

Here’s a fun video from the Traverse City Film Festival. It’s the “Traverse City Lipdub.” I don’t know if you’ve ever encountered this phenomenon, but it seems to have caught on at college campuses, especially in the midwest. Just try searching for the word “lipdub” and you’ll see. This one is particularly well done. It shows off all the highlights of Traverse City, starting at Michael Moore’s theater, continuing up Front Street and ending up at the all the recreational areas on the shores of Lake Michigan. It also stars what seems to be the entire population of the city. Enjoy!

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Interviewing Elmo

Just got back from the Traverse City Film Festival, Michael Moore’s exemplary use of film exhibition to educate, enlighten and grow a community. Michael and the festival’s incredible Executive Director Deb Lake, asked me to moderate Q&As and panels, and I was glad to oblige. The filmmakers and audiences were enthusiastic and made for a number of great events. My personal favorite was a panel discussion with the entire filmmaking team behind the film “Being Elmo,” the story of Kevin Clash, the man who created the Elmo character on “Sesame Street.” Here is a quick snippet of a moment in the panel, when I actually got to interview Elmo. This was recorded by a cell phone in the front row, so forgive the sound quality.

If you want to hear the entire panel (with great sound quality), it is also available below (courtesy of Interlochen NPR Radio).

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