Kickstarter Project Support

Like many of you, I have mixed feelings about Kickstarter campaigns that are helping to finance micro-budgeted films. On the one hand, it’s great that so many projects are finding the necessary financing through this simple, but apparently effective mechanism. On the other hand, I am inundated with requests to donate by the many people I have encountered in my years in the business. I simply cannot afford to donate to every film that comes along, and I don’t want to have to spend the time evaluating the projects, or the emotional stress of choosing among friends.

Therefore, I have decided that the way I will help support these projects is to dedicate some small amount of real estate on this web site to support one project at a time. As soon as each project’s deadline passes, I will replace it with another. By focusing on one project at a time, I will hopefully help a worthy film get off the ground.

Right now, I’m helping to promote a documentary called “Growing Small.” You can learn more about it by checking it out in the right hand column—>

If you want to be next, just drop me a line by clicking here. Please don’t Facebook me, or Google+ me or email me bat my business address. Just use the designated link above. Don’t expect any acknowledgement or discussion. Whatever somehow strikes my fancy will end up being promoted here for a period of time. It’s a very small contribution, but makes me feel like I can do a little something to help.

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