The Rugoff Legacy Lives On

Scott Feinberg of The Hollywood Reporter just posted his post-Oscars podcast with Neon’s Tom Quinn as a guest. At one point, Tom acknowledges his debt to Don Rugoff’s Oscar campaign for “Z” and they talk about my film. You can hear the excerpt here…

I would also encourage you to listen to the entire episode, which you can do here.

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One thought on “The Rugoff Legacy Lives On”

  1. In about 1968, I had directed one of my first films, a comedy short called, RAILROADED. We filmed it in New Jersey, and it had one of the very first, if not the first, film score composed by Philip Glass. (At the time, Phil was driving a taxi!) I called Don Rugoff’s office, and was asked to bring the film to Cinema 1 to show it to him. We chatted, and he viewed the short. He booked it on the spot, and about two weeks later it played at the Beekman Theater with a Marcello Mastroianni picture, THE MAN WITH THE BALLOONS. It was an astonishing experience with Rugoff being so accessible and making an instant decision. I was on my way!

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