Chasing October AGAIN!

Yes I obviously do!
Yes I obviously do!

Here we go again.

The Cubs are in the playoffs for the second year in a row…a feat that they haven’t achieved since 1907-1908. Is that a sign that THIS COULD BE THE YEAR? I made up my mind many years ago that if it ever happened, I would be there to witness it. And so far I’ve managed to be at every post-season game played at Wrigley Field since the day I was born. Of course, there used to be a simple punch line to that–there weren’t all that many. But lately, the Cubs are acting like they mean it.

Please note that I have no special privileges that entitle me to post-season tickets. In 2003, I flew to Chicago for each game, not knowing how I’d be able to get in. I hung out at the will-call window and subtly let it be known that I was looking for a single ticket. I managed to score each time, at only a bit more than face value. But it was nerve wracking to say the least.

Last year, I actually scored tickets for the first game via the Cubs “virtual waiting room.” I asked everyone I knew to sign up, and it was Uncle Arnold in Connecticut who was the lucky winner. Unfortunately game one was all there was.

Now here we go again. I gathered my team of family, friends and enablers and asked them all to sign up on the Cubs web site. The lottery was yesterday and no one that I know was picked to get tickets. Fortunately I found a relatively reasonable deal on Craigslist for tickets to the first round, so I’m all set for the moment. Tickets for the second round and the potential World Series are already going for astronomical prices, but I guess I can always try my luck at the will-call window again.

I promise that if the Cubs win it all and I’m there to see it, I’ll end this obsession once and for all. I’ll keep you all up to date as this develops.

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