Giving Day is back at Columbia. Can We Beat the Law School and Support Future Artists?

Columbia FilmFor the second year, Columbia University has designated a special day to help raise student support funds. They call it “Giving Day,” and all the various schools and programs are competing to get a share of matching funds from the University. This year it’s Wednesday, October 23rd.

Why should you care? It should come as no surprise that financing graduate school at a major university is an expensive proposition. But the students who come to Columbia are some of the brightest lights in a world that needs talented storytellers more than ever.

The results are clear. Our alums are working in just about every aspect of the film and television businesses in the U.S. and all over the world. It would be easy to shout out the names of our most famous alums, but that would miss the point. The point is that the skill and talent necessary to create great art is not necessarily linked to economic riches. This is a point that seems to be more accepted in other countries than here, where success seems to be inextricably linked to Hollywood.

The School of the Arts is working tirelessly to raise funds to help support our students. When an opportunity like Giving Day comes along, we feel like we must do our best to grab as much of that support as we can.

Giving Day is structured as a competition among the schools at Columbia. There will be a running tabulation of the results all day long. Even the smallest contributions are important since the schools win certain challenges based on the number of people who contribute, rather than just the total amount that is pledged. So even a contribution of $10 will help us meet our goals.

Last year, we managed to finish ahead of many of the other schools in spite of our small size. We have a ways to go to catch the Law School or the Business School, but we can give it the old college try, can’t we. So, can you help us out?

All you have to do is go to: on October 23rd. You can go there now and set a reminder so you don’t forget.

When you make your contribution, just make sure you click on “School of the Arts” (in the drop down list). Then on the next page, designate “Film” as the fund you want to support.

Let’s show those other schools that people still care about the arts enough to support them.


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